Wells Fargo ATMs Crash Across The Country

Most of Wells Fargo’s 12,000 ATMs crashed starting Monday afternoon and lasting several hours, reports the Star Tribune, and no one knows why.

The outage was odd both for its duration and scope. Most crashes are limited to a single region and one or two hours.

“All we can say is that we’re aware of the situation and we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible,” a Wells Fargo spokeswoman told the Star Tribune. “We apologize to our customers.”

The failure was annoying for customers who went from Wells Fargo ATM to Wells Fargo ATM, only to find them all out, and/or were forced to pay extra withdrawal fees to take out money from other banks’ ATMs.

Did you snap any pix of out-of-service Wells Fargo ATMs yesterday? Be sure to add them to our Flickr pool.

Wells Fargo ATMs fail from N.Y. to Minn. [Star Tribune]

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