AT&T's Response To Verizon's iPhone Snark Is A Yawner

Oh, snap…? AT&T has responded to Verizon’s snarky iPhone 4 ad, in which the “can you hear me now?” guy says yes, now he can hear you, on Verizon’s network, with one big yawner of an ad.

In AT&T’s newest spot, titled “Answer” debuted Friday night. In it, a very busy businessman is doing lots of business type things when his wife calls, and he has to scramble to find a place for their anniversary dinner. So oooh, he surfs the web while talking on the phone. Night saved! And that’s great, Really! Good for you! But we want more sniping and name-calling in this feud, please.

It’s definitely an advantage AT&T should underscore, but one that will only last until Verizon invariably comes out with the an iPhone that also has that capability.

Verizon Drops Snark Bomb On AT&T In New iPhone Ad [Consumerist]

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