Move Your Comcast Account, Get Bonus $8 Late Fee

Mark wrote to us with a warning for Comcast customers: if you move while your account is set on auto-pay, the system is set up so that you will miss a payment and be hit with a late payment fee. Why is it set up that way? Nobody knows.

I recently moved across town and dropped cable TV but kept my cable
internet with Comcast.

My first bill after I moved was an odd one that spanned 2 billing cycles
but added up correctly. It was paid in full by auto-payment as usual.

My second bill at the new address had a $7.99 late fee on it because the
move caused the previous bill to span 2 cycles but only receive 1
(automatic) payment.

Wondering how it was possible to get charged a late fee on an account with
automatic payments, I called them up this afternoon and was told this
happens all the time, and I should have been notified that the fee was
going to happen if I didn’t make 1 manual payment after moving. I was told
it happens to everyone who transfers service with automatic payments.
Nobody ever mentioned it to me.

The helpful phone rep quickly credited my account and life went on… but
I’m glad I noticed the extra charge.

Check your statements, even when you’re on autopay: solid advice for any monthly service.

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