Pepsico CEO Says "Doritos Are Not Bad For You"

“Doritos are not bad for you,” PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi told Fox Business News moments ago. “Doritos are nothing more than corn mashed up, fried up in oil, and flavored in the most delectable way.”

While that sounds like quite a gobstopper to swallow, she does have a point. “Everything in moderation,” said Nooyi. Indeed. If consumers would just stop consuming nutritionally-devoid, high-sodium, high calorie products in the excessive amounts that they’re designed to be consumed in, there’d be no obesity crisis.

Nooyi also said cola products were not bad for you, noting they were “discovered in a pharmacy.”

The advertorial/interview with Nooyi came as she announced PepsiCo was launching a new line of “good for you products” that use new science and formulations that “get goodness into you in a way that tastes great.”

Just yesterday the USDA released new guidelines that urged Americans to eat less salt and saturated fat. As a premier manufacturer of food products high in both of those ingredients, PepsiCo is trying to getting ahead of the story before the backlash.

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