What New Airline Fees Could Be On The Horizon?

Parents of young children: Have your wee ones been getting a free ride on domestic flights by sitting on your lap? Well that luxury is just one of several things the airline industry is considering slapping a fee on in the near future.

The Philadelphia Inquirer took a long look at the current state of airline fees and spoke to some experts who predict we’re likely to see fees on the following:

*Infants riding in a parent’s lap: Domestic flights could start charging the same kinds of fees (10% of an adult fare) that are charged for lap-riding infants on international flights.

*Using a credit card: Cash-paying customers would get a 3% discount, effectively charging a 3% fee to credit card customers.

*Checked baggage based on weight: Instead of paying a flat rate for your checked bags, the fees would be based on the weight of each item.

*Carry-on bags: Spirit Airlines already began charging for some carry-ons last year. Don’t be shocked if more carriers follow suit.

This is all on top of recent increases in airfares. In just the last month, the average price of a domestic flight has been raised three times.

Oil prices don’t vex airlines; but fees could rise [Philly.com]

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