Starbucks Drops A 31-Ounce Bomb: The Trenta

Last March, we reported that Starbucks had begun testing the “trenta,” the 31-ounce bladder-buster that makes the tall seem short, the grande seem mini and venti seem bitty by comparison. The tests must have gone well, as Starbucks has announced it will be rolling out the super-sized drink nationwide in the coming months.

Trenta, which is Latin for “one big m&#f&%n’ drank,” is set to drop its sizable galoshes at Starbucks beginning May 3 for iced coffee, iced tea and iced tea lemonade drinks. MSNBC reports it will cost 50 cents more than the 24-ounce venti, which is currently the largest drink on the menu.

The trenta comes out today in 14 states, including Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Hawaii, Texas and Arizona, moves to California Feb. 1 and goes nationwide May 3.

When we originally wrote about the trenta, reader opinion was pretty evenly divided with 40% in favor of a 31-ounce drink, 42% against it and 18% saying they’d at least consider it.

Is there room in your wallet, and bladder, for a 31-ounce Starbucks drink?

Starbucks to roll out biggest drink size yet [MSNBC]

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