How To Shovel Snow So The Plows Don't Clog Your Driveway

Hooray! Our snow plow saviors are here, clearing off the roads so we can go to Target and buy more Barbasol. Oh no, our friends have shoved a giant pile of snow into our driveway, creating a giant snow wall, a blockade of frozenness that could have been avoided with a little advance action.

All you have to do is shovel the snow from the side of the road before the plow gets to it and pushes it in. After your shovel your driveway, shovel out into the road and to the left, about the length of your yard. If you clear this space before the plows come, the snow won’t get shoved into a big wall in your driveway.

Sure, you’re still shoveling the same amount of snow, but it’s usually easier to remove it from where it has naturally fallen, rather than carving out an ice parapet.

How to Shovel Snow Around a Driveway Before the Plow Comes [eHow]

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