Gym Guards Beat Man To Pulp When He Tried To Cancel

A computer programmer who has been trying to cancel his gym membership since August says two gym security guards jumped him and pulverized his face when he wouldn’t back down from his cancellation request.

The club had told him he needed to come in in person to cancel. When he arrived, he was told to leave and set up an appointment over the phone. He declined and refused to leave until they tore up his contract. The desk clerk reportedly said, “Listen, I’m going to ask you to leave the gym, and I’m going to call security.’ And, she said, I’m barring you from all Goodlifes across Canada, and I’m going to cancel your membership later.” The woman left and a few moments later two security guards showed up and confronted him.

The man told CBC News, “They actually came screaming in my face, and I said to security, ‘Is there a way we can discuss this civilly?’ And they said, ‘You need to leave now, I’m giving you two seconds.’ And the next thing I know is that they’re pummeling me, and I’m hearing, ‘He’s resisting arrest, he’s resisting arrest.”

The programmer of computers said the guards cuffed and restrained him until police arrived, who let him go. The cops visited the gym later in the week to make sure his contract was cancelled.

Obviously the man was well within his rights to cancel due to a poor quality product because if the gym had worked the way it was supposed to he would have been able to defend himself from the onslaught.

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Attempt to cancel gym membership turned violent, client says [CBC News] (Thanks to Tom!)

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