Politician Breaks Into Home, Sues Owners For Injuries

File this one under “S” for “shut the front door!” — no, really, shut the front door and lock it: Senator Jim Alesi of New York is very angry that he injured himself after breaking into a home, and is suing the owners, his constituents, as well as the builders of the home.

Sen. Alesi claims in his lawsuit that he was hurt after deciding to look into the house of a Perinton, NY, couple, which was under construction under the time. The fun part is they didn’t know he was “looking into” their home, and he definitely was not invited, reports Rochester area WHEC News.

The couple’s builder, isn’t happy about the lawsuit: “It was very upsetting. Something that happened three years ago. We thought we put it to bed three years ago, and all of a sudden it rears its ugly head.” He adds that the home was not open to the public.

Alesi was cited in a sheriff’s report for criminal trespass, as the front door of the home was locked. He reportedly went to the back and snuck in through a basement level back door. He then tried to climb a ladder to the first floor, and fell, suffering leg injuries that required surgery. Alesi’s suit says the builders were negligent in maintaining a safe premises. DiRisio insists that the home was safe — for construction workers.

And Alesi’s story as to why he was even there in the first place, uninvited by the homeowners? He was checking out the house “for a friend.” Suuure, we’ve used that one before, pal.

So of course, when you break into a home and hurt yourself, it’s the fault of the people whose home you were entering without their permission.

Alesi gave News 10NBC a statement saying, “An attorney filed an action on my behalf. Beyond that, I have no comment.”

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