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Are CDC’s Detectives At Work During Shutdown While Salmonella Outbreak Sickens Hundreds?

Often when we hear news of a food-borne disease, the worst has passed and the government works to educate consumers on which products have been recalled. However with 278 people in 18 states sickened by a salmonella outbreak linked to raw chicken products from California, no recall has been announced and the United States Department of Agriculture says “the outbreak is continuing.” But are any of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s elite food detectives at work during the government shutdown to trace track down the source of the contamination? [More]

Politician Breaks Into Home, Sues Owners For Injuries

Politician Breaks Into Home, Sues Owners For Injuries

File this one under “S” for “shut the front door!” — no, really, shut the front door and lock it: Senator Jim Alesi of New York is very angry that he injured himself after breaking into a home, and is suing the owners, his constituents, as well as the builders of the home. [More]