No, Apple Won't Engrave Swear Words On Your iPod

RedOryx and her sister both ordered shiny new iPods directly from Apple, and they made an annoying discovery: you can have pretty much anything engraved on the back of your iPod…as long as it doesn’t include any swear words.

So I am Consumerist reader RedOryx, and I’m actually writing on behalf of my sister. Recently we both decided we each wanted to buy a new iPod Touch (my current one is a 4th generation original, all black and white screen click-wheel cool). We also both decided to order them directly from Apple, so as to get the free engraving on the back. I ordered mine last night, complete with Tori Amos lyric on the back, no problem.

My sister, however, went to order hers this morning and was told that her requested engraving “let’s deal with this cluster fuck” was inappropriate and that Apple won’t engrave it. They also wouldn’t let her use f*ck or f***, she could only get it to accept f$#k. She’s rather annoyed, to say the least, that Apple is deciding what is appropriate and inappropriate for the items she is buying from them.

Is this a known issue?

Yes, it’s a known issue. You can have whatever kind of language you like in the music and movies on your iPod, but no fWords engraved on the back.

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