Mom Involved In Second Airplane Baby Seat Dispute In A Month

Remember the woman who almost got kicked off a Skywest flight over a dispute about her infant’s baby seat? Well, the same woman was removed from a United Airlines flight earlier this week for allegedly causing a disruption.

This latest incident occurred while boarding a Unifted flight from San Francisco to Honolulu and involved concerns over whether or not her child’s seat would be able to fit into the narrow economy-class row.

From ChicagoBreakingNews:

[The mom] said she called a United customer service executive two weeks before the Honolulu flight to ask what she needed to do to make sure she’d be able to use the infant carrier. She said she was told to simply to let United employees know when she checked in, which she did. But when she boarded the Boeing 777, she discovered the rows in economy seating were too close together to accommodate the Graco Snug Ride infant carrier, which is approved for airline use.

She then began to take photos of the row and the baby seat. United says the impromptu photo shoot caused a disruption and removed the mom and her family from the plane.

However, the mom says she wasn’t being disruptive and that she only took a picture because the FAA inspector in the earlier Skywest incident had asked if she had photo documentation of that situation.

The airline did confirm to the AP that the row in question was too narrow for that particular, FAA-approved carrier but that there were no seats available in more accommodating rows.

After the woman and her family were removed from the flight, United rebooked them on a later flight to Honolulu, making sure to select a row in which the carrier would fit.

Mother kicked off United flight in infant carrier spat []

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