Man Scores 100% Discount On Electronics By Making Fake Receipts At Home

Here’s a story that should let you check off both the “receipt-checking” and “I make my own at home” boxes on your Consumerist bingo card. A man in New Mexico was recently arrested for allegedly forging receipts to steal goods from Sam’s Club and other stores in his area.

Loss-prevention staff at the Sam’s Club in Farmington, NM, had been told to keep their eyes peeled for a particular 38-year-old man who had been deemed a possible suspect in the recent disappearance of over $25,000 in electronics from the store.

So last Thursday, when authorities say the man tried to walk out the door with around $1,500 of Sam’s Club goods, he was detained by the loss-prevention folks.

Meanwhile, a search warrant was executed at his home, where police say they found several bogus homemade receipts for other stores. Police also found several new TVs, blank receipts and duplication equipment. Oh, and little bit of meth for good measure.

“We are in the process of investigating documents we found in his residence as well as his computer and duplication equipment,” a Farmington police officer said. “We anticipate that there will be other charges.”

Here’s a lesson for all those creative shoplifters out there: You still end up in the same jail cell as the less-ingenious pilferers.

Man caught trying to steal items from Sam’s Club using homemade receipts []

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