Mirror Mirror On The Wall… Brought To You By Geico & Coca-Cola

Because there is no such thing as a space safe from sponsorship, a new technology is allowing advertisers to put their marketing messages where your face is — or at least where your face should be reflected.

According to ABC’s Los Angeles affiliate, advertisers like Microsoft, Coke and Geico are lining up to advertise on the new service that replaces the old, boring, un-branded reflection on bathroom mirrors with ads for their products:

The advertisements will feature both video and still images on 40-inch mirrors that will display the image until someone approaches to wash their hands.

Then, the image will shrink so the person can use the mirror.

ABC reports that these fancy mirrors are currently being tested at O’Hare Airport and the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. The website for Mirrus, the company behind the tech, states that it recently placed these mirrors in the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Companies to display ads on bathroom mirrors [KABC]

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