Know The Jargon To Get A Great Hotel Rate

To get into speakeasies of yore, you had to knock and the door, waiting for the big guy to slide back the eye slot, and say the secret password. Likewise, in order to get into a hotel room at a great price, you gotta know the lingo to sling.

Consumer Reports Money Blog says that when you sidle up to that front desk, just asking for “the best available rate” might not be good enough. Instead, try asking for the “cheapest nonrefundable rate.” More so than asking for the “corporate rate” or “best available,” saying “the cheapest nonrefundable rate” is most likely to get you in like flynn to that nice-priced room. Since they don’t have to pad into the price a hedge against you cancelling, you can sometimes get a sweeter price.

Just don’t get too far into you head about the whole speakeasy thing; visit the room’s minibar too frequently and you could end up drinking away any discounts you snatched up.

For even more tips on getting a cheaper room, like haggling, locking in a rate and considering a suite, check out the Consumer Reports article.

How to get a great hotel rate [Consumer Reports Money Blog]

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