Survey: Facebook Users Compelled To Update Status From Bathroom

If you’ve ever wondered how some of your Facebook friends find the time to update their status as frequently as they do, a new survey may have an answer. According to the study, from AIS Media, 27% of people use Facebook in the bathroom. Good thing they’re not actually including details about that in their updates.

According to AIS, women are more likely to spend time on Facebook in the can; 54.4% of those answering “yes” to bathroom usage were female and 45.6% were male. AIS, which works with the advertising industry, sees a marketing opportunity in the numbers:

“While it may seem humorous to survey people about their Facebook usage while in the bathroom, the results underscore the proliferation of consumer social media usage and their strong need to stay connected”, said Thomas Harpointner, CEO of at AIS Media, Inc. “For businesses and brands, social media offers an opportunity to engage potential customers like never before.”

Dr. Edward E. Rigdon of Georgia State University theorizes that the usage is driven by an irresistible urge: “I imagine most people carry their phone with them, in pocket or purse. People receive emails on their phone alerting them to Facebook messages or postings, and many people respond by reflex.” We just hope they’re washing their hands first.

27% of People Can’t Resist the Urge to Use Facebook on Their Mobile Device In the Bathroom [Press Release]

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