Are You Getting Your Office Depot Rewards?

Do you use Office Depot’s Worklife Rewards program? Have you been receiving your rewards? Jesse had a problem with his rewards account, and we hope that no other readers have experienced a similar problem. He writes that a customer service rep told him that many customers aren’t receiving any of the rewards in their accounts, and must call in order to have them credited to their accounts.

Last week I called office depot worklife rewards because I didn’t see
one of the 100% back in rewards offers show up in my account.

Yes I know 4-6 weeks to show in the account bla bla -( not a newbie )

Call 1 – I explained the offer is not showing up in my account. She
asked me which offer. The 100% shipping rewards for November 14-20
2010. She said there is no such offer. I asked to speak to a
supervisor. Supervisor was not avail so Supervisor called me back and
left me a message on my machine . “I am not showing any offers in
November for copy, print or shipping.”

Call 2 – I called back tonight with that same question. Rep says yes there is!!
She said for some reason they are not showing up in the accounts and
they are aware of the issue. What is being done to correct it ? She
explained that they are waiting for customers to call in to make the
correction. I said what about the people who forget? She said most
people are expecting it and will call in which is why the call center
is so busy. ( I called in and got told “no such offer” then a
supervisor says “no such offer “) so besides those roadblocks What
about those people that forget??? They won’t get the reward ? She said
“correct” !!

I recorded the second call to get them on record saying there was a promotion.

This is unbelievable! 100% Rewards back is great, if you remember
that they owe you the reward and call to remind them, otherwise you may never get them.

Are you a member of this program? Check you rewards to make sure they’re there.

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