The Cheesecake Factory: Where 150 Calories Is A "Skinny" Drink

Last spring, the folks at the Cheesecake Factory were responsible for two of the nine items on this list of the most calorific meals in America. Perhaps the restaurant chain can’t fit into its pants anymore, because it is about to introduce a line of (somewhat) slimmed-down cocktails to go with your 2,500-calorie pasta entree.

From USA Today:

the upscale casual dining chain unveils plans to roll out a “skinny” line of its five most popular cocktails later this month, made with about half the calories. Margaritas and mojitos that are usually 300 calories will be cut to about 150.

To cut the carbs on these cocktails, Cheesecake Factory mixologists will be replacing some of the sugar with Splenda. But you’ll still get the buzz of the old drinks since the company says the alcohol content will remain as is.

One dietician warns USA Today readers that a “skinny” drink won’t necessarily lead to a skinny you. “People who believe fewer calories in their drinks will offset a high portion of calories in their meals are mistaken,” she explains.

This isn’t the first time Cheesecake Factory has attempted to market to weight-conscious eaters. In 2009, the restaurant’s Weight Management Asian Chicken Salad made our list of foods too embarrassing to order.

If you’re a Factory fan, these skinny drinks should be finished rolling out nationwide by March.

Cheesecake Factory’s skinny drinks are about 150 calories [USA Today]

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