Buy A $3.50 Hat, Get A Mile-Long Receipt For Free

When Eric bought a hat at Sears, the receipt printer unspooled in the manner of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of one’s shoe. Included along with the record of his transaction was a customer service survey and several pointless coupons.

Eric describes:

I bought a Joe Boxer stocking hat at Sears earlier today on clearance for a whopping $3.50. I received more in receipts that I received in product. Seriously, all of this paper for 1 purchase? The receipts are over three feet long!

The print outs included the following:

1) Standard receipt plus information about a customer service survey.

2) Take $40 off treadmills coupon.

3) $10 off fine jewelery.

4) $10 off any oil change service.

What retailers do you find give you the most needlessly long receipts?