When You Include DVR Info, Conan Is King Of Late Night

Times have changed, and cable no longer plays automatic second trombone to network TV. ESPN hosts Monday Night Football and the BCS championship game, the NBA playoffs are on TNT and the new king of late night is on TBS.

Deadline relays TBS’s assertion that Conan O’Brien’s late-night talker on TNT topped the ratings in the 18-34 and 18-49 demographics when DVR viewings are taken into account.

Conan edged show-swiper Jay Leno in the 18-49 demo from Nov. 8 until the end of December, garnering 1.44 million nightly viewers to Leno’s 1.35 million. Coco was even more dominant with viewers aged 18-34, 930,000 viewers to The Daily Show’s 574,000.

Which late-night shows do you watch?

DVR Viewing Boosts ‘Conan’ To The Top In Young Demos [Deadline]


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  1. backinpgh says:

    Conan all the way.

  2. danmac says:

    I watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report…they air at 8:00 and 8:30 on the west coast, so I guess that’s not late night, but I go to bed at 9:45, so it feels late for me.

    • evilpete says:

      Here on the west cost I catch the 11pm & 11:30 showing ( while recording the news on the DVR )

      • kujospam says:

        I watch it the next day on their website. I used to watch them on Hulu, but I think hulu dropped them because they wanted too much money. Not sure though. I dropped my cable because the only thing I really watched on a normal basis was them, and Rachel Maddow. I like her sense of humor, but sometimes I do get sick of politics. If only discovery channel didn’t seem to have new shows for like 3 weeks out of the year.

  3. Christopher Jablonski says:

    I am outraged at this affront to consumer rights!

    Wait, what? Oh, my mistake, this article is about TV ratings.

  4. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    We let TiVo get Daily Show, Colbert, and Conan. I get up way too early to go to bed very late.

  5. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    As a former professional trombone player I’d like to point out that in the world of trombone, the 2nd chair is usually the more desired position. And in fact, the more famous trombonists usually hold 2nd trombone position in the major orchestras.

    I’m not a Phil basher, but Phil – that comment hurt my feelings!

    • kriswone says:

      I think he meant to say “Second Fiddle”

    • pythonspam says:

      2nd trombone is preferable unless the part is too high and loud so as to be blatty or if in fact, the actual trombone is rusty.

    • outis says:

      “The World of Trombone” is officially my phrase of the day. And possibly the title of a gritty detective novel I’m writing centered on a musician who performs with a traveling brass band by day and solves crimes by night.

    • Cosmo_Kramer says:

      Why is 2nd chair more desirable?

      • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

        The 2nd part is the most challenging; not necessarily because of the difficulty of the part itself or how fun it is to play (although this is often true) because of the difficulties in tuning.

        An orchestra typically has 3 trombone parts. The 3rd trombone general plays the root of the chord, so their job is tuning to other bass instruments (bass, tuba, cello, bassoon etc.)

        The 1st trombone is either playing a lead part or (more likely) harmonizing with other instruments. Since the trombone is not typically the pervasive sound in the orchestra, his job is to tune to the more featured instruments.

        The 2nd trombone is the challenge. He has to tune to both trombonists, who may have different tuning goals themselves. And unlike the other two parts, very minute inaccuracies in tuning make a large difference. The interior of a chord (in all cases) is the most important in tuning, and also the most difficult to do accurately.

    • kajillion says:

      I thought the correct word for someone plays the trombone was tromboner.

  6. kriswone says:

    Team COCO

  7. RDSwords says:

    I’m definitely on team Coco, but I got rid of cable a couple of years ago and I don’t think TBS is broadcast OTA in my area. As such, I’m stuck with Jay.

    • kriswone says:

      I would rather watch re-runs of ANYTHING than watch jay leno

      • RDSwords says:

        I use Netflix in my living room, but all I have is OTA channels in my bedroom, so there aren’t many options at the end of the night. I was furious when they dumped Conan and kept Jay’s generic crap on. If they insist on keeping Jay then I’d prefer they just swap his time slot with Jimmy Fallon’s.

    • coren says:

      Conan has all his stuff online, if that helps at all. I think it’s teamcoco.com but I’m too lazy to verify this

  8. mbgrabbe says:

    I loved last night’s show so much, I watched it THRICE.

  9. nbs2 says:

    If I watched live(-ish) TV, I’d stick with Craig. Instead, I’m usually watching Doctor Who.

    • kriswone says:

      you must be British, so, here is some fun:

      • nbs2 says:

        Not British in any way – closest I ever came was a summer working for the SNP. Still found that hilarious. Only problem was that what should have been a 2 minute diversion off the VPN became a 1 hour diversion. And I’ll be heading back after I get done with work.

    • Sunflower1970 says:

      Dr. Who rocks.

      Can’t wait for the new season on BBC-America. From the commercials it looks like the good Doctor will be in America? I’ve also heard Torchwood is filming some episodes here too.

      • nbs2 says:

        New Torchwood takes place stateside. Not that I care (it was tedious crap).

        I’m always excited for the prospect of the Doctor coming to the US for an episode or two, but any more will feel like pandering. Hopefully the season premiere will be the extent of it.

  10. SonarTech52 says:

    Daily Show FTW! I do like Conan, but have not seen his new shows yet.. maybe I’ll have to DVR them.

  11. TooManyHobbies says:

    What about web views? I watch the Daily Show quite a bit…on the web the next day at lunch at work.

    It’s been about 4 years since I’ve actually watched anything live on TV. Mostly it’s web views or downloaded content (and most of that is not from the US).

  12. TheMonkeyKing says:

    Leno sucks and Conan stole a bit from one of my artist friends. (He copyrighted “Black Aquaman” a long time ago.)

    And since I cut the sat/cable cord a few years back, Conan is not on my list of webcasts to watch.

    • ZekeDMS says:

      Copyrighted Black Aquaman? Really? I’m not sure that’s exactly the most original idea to begin with, nor copyrightable at all being a satire of someone else’s property to begin with.

      Sometimes there’s legit thievery. Sometimes there’s just the same idea. “Black Aquaman” isn’t what I’d expect the former from. “Hey, Black Aquaman probably doesn’t swim!” See? I’m already probably matching the joke.

  13. Xenotype51 says:

    Having neither a DVR nor cable TV, I typically end up watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I like that he does a lot of audience participation, and their house band is the best.

    • RDSwords says:

      I like that about Jimmy, and also about Conan. Leno has such a sterile and fixed program schedule every night. Jimmy and Conan mix in all kinds of random sketches and activities. Conan was definitely the best at it because he would go outside of the studio and feature all kinds of stunts and hilarious stuff. My favorite thing ever was when they mounted Andy’s podium on a Segway and he was driving it around the stage while Conan was talking to the camera.

  14. coren says:

    Conan’s online!

    • coren says:

      Stupid reply not being a reply. But it is relevant – all his stuff is online on his site, and that’s gotta be a big chunk of people viewing too

  15. Gardius says:

    In Canada, the situation is much different. The Daily Show airs at 11pm and 12am, Colbert Report airs at 11:30pm and 12:30am, and Conan airs at 12:00am and 1:00am so they only partially compete. I always watch The Daily Show & Colbert Report, but only on occasion do I stay up late enough to watch Conan.

  16. dolemite says:

    I DVR Conan. I usually watch the opening 20 minutes then erase it unless the star is someone I really want to see (which is rare). The only host that can actually make me laugh at all.

    • cmp179 says:

      I used to do that, but then I realized a lot of his interviews are just as funny as the opening parts of the show. His interview with Dennis Leary Wednesday night became hilarious when Leary was trying to say he tweets from his laptop, but said typewriter by mistake. Conan had a lot of fun with that, and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  17. PDC Ryan says:

    I make my own late-night show at home.

    … or DVR Conan.

  18. Milch says:

    Daily Show and Colbert Report all the way. But I have to get up early so I have to catch the reruns at 6 central time rather than the 10 pm showing. That may play into it?

  19. coren says:

    Great for Conan, I’m glad he’s seeing such success. But ratings are most important to advertisers – and I have to think that for advertisers, DVR ratings are devalued. Because you don’t have to watch commercials, they get less value for their advertising dollar, surely.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      What’s funny is that I watch fewer commercials on DVR, but I still do end up watching them because I’m still in front of the TV to push the button to fast forward, and I’m still probably watching the TV to make sure I don’t go too far forward. In that vein, I still “watch” commercials and will occasionally stop, rewind, and watch a commercial I really like.

    • VectorVictor says:

      This, or I’ll actually stop down and watch a funny or well-done commercial (e.g. Call of Duty Black Ops commercials with Kimmel, Bryant, dual-wielding Short Order Cook, et al).

    • VectorVictor says:

      Sorry–reply was for Pecan Pi

    • OutPastPluto says:

      Most DVRs don’t let you skip commercials automatically. That turns normal commercials into blipverts but it doesn’t get rid of them entirely.

  20. YokoOhNo says:

    comcast knows every pause, every fast farward, every rewind and ever recording we make. they will own the subliminal marketplace soon.

  21. BrianneG says:

    I DVR the Daily Show and Colbert every night but I don’t always watch them. I only DVR Conan when I’m particularly interested in a specific guest. I watch clips of Jimmy Fallon when they are especially good. The rest of them (Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, and just aren’t worth my time.

  22. packy says:

    My wife and I time-shift Conan.

  23. YokoOhNo says:

    Also, those who DVR don’t watch commercials, so it’s a wash. Yay, we have a million more viewers that NBC but no one wants to advertise because our viewers don’t watch commercials.

    • VectorVictor says:

      Not really. Plus, someone in the comments for the article pointed out that advertisers could take advantage of the DVR crowd by having Conan or Andy sell products in the program, like they used to so long ago in TV.

      • nybiker says:

        You mean like product placement? As in Ford trucks for the dirty jobs guy?

        At least mythbusters covers up all the product names (granted they might do this so we don’t think all products explode or burst into flames).

  24. lawnmowerdeth says:

    FYI, the CoCo cam is live again at teamcoco.com

  25. axiomatic says:

    Conan and Craig Ferguson are my main haunts.

  26. FreshPorcupineSalad says:

    I’m with CoCo.

  27. Bativac says:

    I don’t watch any of these shows unless the immortal Don Rickles is on. Then I go out of my way to watch it, and I’ll usually DVR it and watch it two or three times.

  28. NumberSix says:

    They both suck. Although Conan at least USED to be funny.

  29. MedicallyNeedy says:

    Conan and the live coco cam!

  30. RavenWarrior says:

    I watch Conan, then Whose Line is it Anyway reruns for 37 minutes, then Craig Ferguson.

  31. outkastz says:

    *TBS (not TNT) same difference :-

  32. Extended-Warranty says:

    The true test is if Conan can keep up the ratings for longer than 2 months.

  33. qwill says:

    I DVR Leno. I watch the monologue, the bit if it seems amusing and once in a while the musical guest.
    We DVR everything. Haven’t seen a commercial in months. I dread the day the networks figure out a way to force us to watch them.

  34. wryknow says:

    Conan, The Daily Show, Colbert Report and occasionally Lopez Tonight.
    Thank god for DVR.

  35. ZukeZuke says:

    I watch Conan, of course!

    Leno is horrible, always beating jokes to death. You don’t have to explain the joke to me after you deliver the punch line and get laughs. Just walk away and go on to the next one.

  36. gman863 says:

    I’ll stick with Jimmy Kimmel. His monolouges feature the best sight gags. “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” is the best shot at the FCC since George Carlin’s “7 Dirty Words” and the occasional product pitches he does prior to the show starting are funny enough to make watching a 3-minute commercial worthwhile.

    Leno and Letterman jumped the shark years ago. Conan, although better than the has-beens, still can’t beat Kimmel in my book.

  37. regis-s says:

    I think Craig Ferguson and Leno are my favourites. Conan is the least. I rarely watch any of them anymore. If I find out a particular guest is on that interests me I’ll pvr it.

  38. drewdc says:

    I’m a longtime Conan fan. I used to watch Conan daily when he was on NBC, but I don’t have cable or satellite, so now I just catch clips of his TBS show online, despite the strain they put on my ancient computer.

    As far as regular TV options go, I find Fallon most appealing, but I wish he did more original comedy sketches. His audience-participation bits are fun, but not downright funny. Ferguson blows my mind with his off-the-cuff cheekiness, so he comes in second. The others I watch much more rarely, usually when a specific guest is on. I actually prefer to watch Charlie Rose or Nightline over Leno or Letterman.

  39. cromartie says:

    Craig Ferguson and no one else, honestly.