The Restocking Fee Is Dead At Apple Stores


The word on the street–or at least on electronics blogs–was that Apple stores would do away with the traditional 10% restocking fee on returns. This new feature starts not just as other electronics retailers are doing away with their restocking fees, but was timed ever-so-coincidentally for January 11, the launch day of the Verizon iPhone. Is the rumor true? Reader Tim reports that it is indeed, and he’s even tested it.

Rumor had it that Apple retail stores were going to abandon their 10% restocking fee for returning computers, iPods, iPads and the like. I was suffering buyers remorse after buying a MacBook Air with only 2GB of ram, which is not upgradable. I’m happy to report that today I was able to return the machine to my local Apple store and then order the machine I wanted with 4GB of ram, all without having to pay the $130 restocking fee. A win for consumers? Yes.

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