BlueAnt Cares When Bluetooth Fails And Police Caught You

The BlueAnt Bluetooth headset that Bixby’s wife normally uses to talk on the phone in the car failed to connect one day…which just happened to be the day that a police officer saw her holding her phone, which was on speaker phone at the time. She received a ticket. Bixby wrote to BlueAnt about the situation, and received a surprise.

The other day my wife gets a ticket for holding her phone in the car.
She had it on speaker and was placing it down. She usually uses her
Blue Ant headset but for what ever reason it failed to connect. So
then she get’s popped. I email blue ant and asked if they reimburse
for tickets. I explained what happen and I stated how much I like
there products and that I was bragging to my wife on how good there
headsets were until she got the ticket. So today, just a week later I
get a call from them and they were super friendly and apologetic.
They do not reimburse for tickets but they are sending her a new
latest model headsets and one of those sun visor speaker things to
make nice. Even though it will encourage my wife to drive unsafely
while talking on the phone at least she’ll be abiding by the law.
Thumbs up to Blue Ant

Truly impressive!

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