People Of Georgia Freak Out Over Snow, Empty Walmart Shelves

Winter has not been kind to the states on the eastern seaboard, and the current snowstorm closing in on the mid-Atlantic has already wreaked havoc in the snow-averse state of Georgia, where three to five inches of the white stuff was enough to send people rushing to stock up at Walmart.

Some citizen reporter at CNN sent in the following photos of a ravaged Walmart in Athens, GA. He also notes that the middling amount of snow had the University of Georgia delaying the start of its spring semester.

We here at the Consumerist Bunker in Brooklyn grow our own wheat grass and have a month’s worth of milk, water and vodka stashed in the vault for just such occasions.

How much snow does it take for you to make a run on the grocery and/or gun store?

Northeast Georgia Snow []

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