Gag Me Or Gimme More? Burger King's Cheese & Jalapeno-Stuffed Burger

The idea of jalapenos and cheddar cheese on a Burger King burger doesn’t sound so bad (unless you’re not a fan of any one of those three things), but judging by the picture of BK’s new Stuffed Steakhouse burger, we’re not quite sure if the fast food chain made the right decision to actually put the peppers and cheese into the burger itself.

According to the company’s press material, “This premium sandwich packs a flavorful punch of robust ingredients with bits of jalapeño peppers and Cheddar cheese inside the juicy flame-broiled burger that’s topped off with creamy poblano sauce.”

But we want to know from you whether you trust the fast food technology it requires to embed the cheese and peppers into the meat. After all, this isn’t a restaurant where the cooks are mixing fresh ingredients together in the kitchen.