Don't Unclog A Snowblower With Your Hand

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As another batch of snow descends on America, it’s important to remember that if your snowblower blades get stuck, do not use your hands when trying to unclog the auger. A recent accident on Long Island resulted in the victim’s hands looking like “Bolognese sauce,”

The man had his two fingertips chopped off by his snowblower. He had turned it off but there was still “torque that was stored in the machine.” As he went to unclog it, the apparatus sprang to life and snatched the tip of his glove and pulled his hand inside.

Doctors were able to re-attach his fingertips and he’s expected to make a full recovery in three months.

Many snowblowers now come with a clearing tool that should be used when trying to unclog them. Publishing pal Consumer Reports also recommends that you don’t wear any loose clothing when using a snowblower.

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