Tastykake Empire In Danger Of Crumbling

Tastykake, manufacturers of numerous kinds of prepackaged snack foods, could be forced to sell or merge after a newly opened factory failed to generate the hoped-for savings. Krimpets, Kandy Kakes, Koffee Kakes, and Kreamies could all be put on the chopping block. And I don’t know if you’re aware, but those kinds of snacks do better in your tummy than on a chopping block.

Are you a Tastykake fan worried about what this might mean for the future of your plastic-wrapped treats? Then why haven’t you been buying more? Flagellate yourself in the comments.

Tastykake maker: Financial issues could force sale [AP]


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  1. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    If I could have bought TASTYKAKES where I live, I probably would have. Never heard of ’em.

    • Powerlurker says:

      They’re popular in the northeast.

      • Kimbeegrin says:

        I live in the Northeast and I’ve never heard of them. I’m from Maine and I bet they would do well here where most men have about five Little Debbies at Coffee Break time :D

        • Waldo Jeffers says:

          They’re really mostly a Philly phenomenon- I’ve never seen them too much outside the city. I suspect most people outside of South-Eastern PA won’t be bothered by this too much, but for us Philly natives it’s a huge tragedy.

    • CrankyOwl says:

      I’ve never seen them on store shelves on the west coast. Aren’t those the treats Jerry & George frequently ate on “Seinfeld”?

      • JennQPublic says:

        I’ve seen them on the west coast, but it’s rare. They’ll pop up in random gas stations and convenience stores here in California. I buy them when I find them, as they are, in fact, quite tasty.

  2. no says:

    I eat healthier now, but back when I did eat these kind of products, I always preferred Tastykake over Little Debbie products. They always tasted much better.

    However, Little Debbie is the bigger company, with logo recognition and better advertising and cross-product penetration with retailers.

    • haggis for the soul says:

      Never had a Tastykake, but Little Debbies have waxy coatings and a strange flavor. They coat your tongue and make you feel gross after you eat them. That said, in my younger years when faced with a Little Debbie Snack Cake, I usually gave in to it. They were inexplicably compelling.

      • tcaptain says:

        Count me in for the Little Debbie hate. Through their business dealings I can’t get any actual Hostess products around here (Twinkies and fruit pies). Grrrrr.

      • Keith is checking the Best Buy receipt of a breastfeeding mother (for tips!) says:

        I used to LOVE Little Debbies Donut Sticks, but now as an adult all I can taste is the waxy yellow buildup you mentioned. I’m not sure if they changed or I did.

  3. Robofish says:

    I will be super upset if Kandy Kakes vanish

  4. Darkrose says:

    Mayor Nutter and Governor Rendell are both looking into solutions to help this fine, Philadelphia institution continue churning out their delicious, delicious confections.

  5. snowtires says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I have to go buy some Krimpets.

  6. caoimhinnn says:

    This is a fantastic Philadelphia company. My grandfather, from South Philly, used to send me care packages of Tastykakes while I was away for high school. They were as good as gold.

    • webweazel says:

      We’re transplants from the Philly area. We get packages from family once in a while, and they’re always smart enough to put some Tastykakes in for us as the packaging material. Trust me, we’ll eat it with a spoon if the need be.

  7. Bagels says:

    NEWMAN: I don’t care much for the beach. I freckle. . . . Is that a,..

    JERRY: Drake’s Coffee Cake

    NEWMAN: Wow, where did you get that?

    JERRY: From my house. I got a whole box of them.

    NEWMAN: Boy, that’s the full size.

    JERRY: That’s your big boy.

    NEWMAN: Can I have a bite?

    JERRY: I don’t give out bites. I got another one. But I’m saving it for later.

    • rpm773 says:

      That Seinfeld bit was about Drakes. This article is about TastyKake.

      There is absolutely no correlation whatsoever.

  8. rlkelley says:

    I have Tasty cakes shipped to me occasionally. One of few things I miss about having lived in the Amish country of Eastern PA

    • palfas says:


      I used to visit the grandparents in Lancaster PA and the most exciting part of the trip was stuffing my face with butterscotch krimpets. If you’ve never had a butterscotch krimpet dunked in ice cold milk, you haven’t really lived at all.

      • rlkelley says:

        We had a Philly cheese steak place open (and then close) in the Houston Area they had tastykakes and birch beer. I would go to get butterscotch krimpets and a birch beer. Now I have to get family members to send them on occasion.

  9. squirrel says:


    This was one of the several things I discovered when on a remote work assignment in Philly. Every time I go near there, I manage to pick up some.

    Tasty Kakes and Utz (Salt and Vinegar and Crab, yum!) potato chips.

    TK made a brief appearance on my grocery shelf here in Los Angeles, but was gone a short while later. Utz I can thankfully order on-line from the company.

    • captadam says:

      And Yuengling. Do not forget Yuengling.

      • jessjj347 says:

        Believe it or not here’s also a Yuengling brewery in Florida.

        • LastError says:

          Yep, Yuengling is ALL over the place is the southeast. It’s in every store, practically, and every restaurant. They even run TV ads down here.

          Excellent for an American beer.

          • Boylerules says:

            You say that as if American beer is bad.

          • webweazel says:

            Yup, everywhere except where we live. When we lived in NC, it wasn’t available. We moved to Georgia, and they became available in NC. They were building the Florida plant when we moved to Miss. Now, they are available in Georgia. Mississippi is a beer wasteland, and there is no hope of them ever coming here.

      • outshined says:

        Even though it’s my significant other who is from Philly, we go nuts on Yuengling and Tastykakes when we’re back east. You can find some Tastykakes in the Philly cheesesteak places around but not the tasty beer. So, boooo! Save the Kake!

      • hobochangbar says:

        I always save room for a few cases of Yuengling & Tastykakes when I drive home to visit. Pretty much every brown bag lunch my mom packed in grade school was the buttercream filled chocolate cupcakes and a Lebanon bologna sandwich. The Yuengling wasn’t until high school. Dad always had a case of the 16oz returnable bottles on hand. He & his friend would split one after golf. Sometimes I’d sneak one.

    • Speak says:

      You can buy Tastykakes on line. http://shop.tastykake.com/ I’ve had friends who moved out of the area have parents & friends send them for holidays & birthdays.

    • ChunkyBarf says:

      I became addicted to TK when I visited Philly for the first time in my life. It really was a pleasant surprise. Since you say you are in L.A. — some of the Jersey Mike’s sandwich shops stock them. You can buy them there if the store has (wisely) utilized their ordering system. You can always ask a manager to start stocking them. They are delicious (and the sandwiches are not bad either).

    • Firevine says:

      One of my old girlfriends brought me back some Utz crab chips after she had gone up north for a bit. Foulest thing I ever tasted. I should have dumped her then.

  10. lmbrownmail says:

    I grew up eating Tastykakes. I particularly love their chocolate cupcake thingies – they are the only ones I’ve ever found without that nasty marshmallow stuff in the middle! I used to be able to buy them at one grocery store here in Texas but they quit carrying them years ago. I wish I could find them again …

  11. meg99 says:

    If I still lived around Philadelphia (and I’m very thankful that I do not) I would buy this up all of the time. They have had the same high quality (especially in their pies) in the 30 years I’ve been eating them, and if they sell out to someone who lowers that quality, I’ll be really sad. Butterscotch Krimpets and Tastykake lemon pies are fabulous fabulous things.

  12. Sparkstalker says:

    If you’ve never had the Butterscotch Krimpets shown in the picture, then you had a deprived childhood, and I weep for you….

    That said, I probably haven’t had any for 15 years…

  13. AllanG54 says:

    Tastykake is ok but not near as good as Drake’s. Nothing like frozen Yodels or Devil Dogs.

  14. Ben says:

    I like their jingle “Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tastykate.” But their actual products are shit.

  15. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    “Kandy Kakes, Koffee Kakes, and Kreamies could all be”…

    Good stripper names?

  16. daemonaquila says:

    Damn it, I’d buy more if they’d sell them in central Texas!

  17. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    The used to sell them here at Tom Thumb for a while and stopped carrying them. I loved them.

  18. badtypo says:

    Seems like they need to slap a Kardashian on the package. They’ve already got the k-alliteration down!

  19. ludwigk says:

    I see these in the local cheesesteak shop near my house. No idea if they’re any good, but they look like the preservative-ridden empty calories that cause early onset diabetes.

    When I’m going for cheesesteak, I’m already eating a big pile of meat with extra fat piled on top, fries, and a coke. I don’t want or need that extra level of excess.

  20. anime_runs_my_life says:

    Nooooooo! What’s next? The Cheesesteak? *sobs* I buy them all the time when I see them. I love the Kandy Kakes.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:


      I love them things. It’s sad what they try to pass off as a cheesesteak around here (Missouri).

      We had a place here for a while that made REAL Philly cheesesteaks; he even got the meat from Philly. It closed or moved or something. I was soooo pissed off. I had them when I lived in Delaware for a short time and got hooked.

      The frozen Steak-Umms are close. I can still get those and make me one at home, but it’s just not exactly the same.

  21. Hotscot says:

    At least some letter K’s would be freed up for use elsewhere…

  22. yessongs says:

    They need to sell more in further markets. Stop just concentrating on the NE

    • MeOhMy says:

      I have to wonder if it’s the opposite…that an abortive attempt to “grow” in keeping with the wall street obsession with the same was a major issue.

  23. PLATTWORX says:

    “newly opened factory failed to generate the hoped-for savings” so a poor business decision could sink the company.

    I give it a day until Bimbo Bakeries (who owns almost every other store sold bakery brand) swoops in and buys it with spare change.

  24. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    I’m old enough to remember when they came wrapped in a heavy waxed paper instead of plastic. I could eat Chocolate Juniors until I die; which probably wouldn’t take too long, what with the whole eating nothing but small rectangular layer cakes thing.

    Once in a blue moon, I have seen Tastycake products in the Richmond VA area, but not so much laterly. I grabbed a couple boxes of cupcakes and a pack of Taylor’s pork roll before I left South Jersey on my vacation last year.

    (I also remember when a Ring Ding was the diameter of a CD, and the current dwarf hockey pucks were called Ring Ding Juniors, but we’ll save that for the Drake’s story…)

  25. Amnesiac85 says:

    Oh God no. I grew up in Philadelphia. Anytime I come home for a visit, my first stop is Wawa. I get a turkey hoagie and a Tastykake. I would be heartbroken if they had to change. Though…if it would mean expanding to more locations…

  26. rbb says:

    This is (IMO) a much better article as to why Tastycakes is failing: http://washingtonexaminer.com/blogs/beltway-confidential/2011/01/tastykakes-suffers-toothache-unionization-public-financing
    Bad decisions by management, a government willing to subsidize and greedy unions…

  27. jessjj347 says:

    Hoping for the best, but last time I bought a pie it seemed to have degraded a bit in quality. Very little fruit content.

    With that being said, they’re products are still much better than all of the others.

  28. tator says:

    If they were only available in the south. I remember buying them as a kid for a dime.

  29. FireJayPa says:

    OK, so I guess I need a U-Haul. Those things will keep in the freezer, right?

    First my dog dies then this…..Not a good January.

  30. tbax929 says:

    I have Tastykakes shipped to me by friends who are still on the East Coast. The shelf life is only a few weeks because the ingredients are so fresh. For comparison’s sake, check out the shelf life on Twinkies and Ho Hos.

    The only reason I don’t buy them more is they aren’t readily available where I live. When I do find them, they’re three times as expensive as they are in PA.

    The chocolate eclairs are my favorite. But I usually end up with Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes and Butterscotch Krimpets. I love them all.

  31. amandaedodge says:

    Maybe the Kardashians should bail them out, they seem to own the “Changing words that should start with a C into a K” industry.

  32. bobloblaw says:

    MMMM!!Butterscotch Krimpets!!!!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!!

    growing up, these were like crack to me…. but i now chose to fill my empty calories with booze now.

  33. Speak says:

    It’s been a while since I bought a box of any of the cakes. The pies however I get whenever my local store has them for $1 (a few years ago they were only $0.50, now the stamped price is $1.50). I am not too surprised at this, back a few years ago they had maybe 10 flavors of cakes total, 2 or 3 of each style (Krimpet, Cupkake, Kandykake, etc). Now there are many more flavors of each style (so more cost in printing & packaging) and all on the same store shelf space (competing with themselves). Also I have noticed a definite decline in quality of the cakes, with a price increase. The last few times I did get them they weren’t as good, but they still are more tasty than the national brands, just not the same as they were only a few years ago. I wonder if them moving to a new facility may have something to do with some of the quality and taste issues and due to that they are now having financial issues.

  34. formergc says:

    Crap, this cannot be. The only reason I visit my family members in Philadelphia is so I can have some Tastykake fruit pies and Jelly Krimpets! They sold a few of there products here in Chicago for about a month several years back. I was in heaven.

  35. dolemite says:

    No…we have them here and I rarely buy them. Just not that good. Kind of dry and bland. I suppose if you like coffee and want some dry pastries to dip in it or something…

    I prefer Little Debbie or Bluebird.

  36. Battlehork says:

    Dear Tastykake, sell the fudge bars outside of Pennsylvania. Or just send me a case of them every so often.

  37. john says:

    They were in the KC area for a while a few years ago. Didn’t last long. Don’t know if was that they were going up against Dolly Madison and Hostess, or that they didn’t taste very good.

  38. mbz32190 says:

    As someone from the Philly area, I hope they are able to pull through, but I still don’t understand why they opened a whole new factory if they were having money issues.
    Also, the prices seemed to have skyrocketed greatly…I only buy them when they are on sale (or if I am in the area of this dollar store that sells close-dated pies 5 for $1).

    Little Debbie and Hostess/Drake’s do not compare.

  39. SugarMag says:

    I have loved Butterscotch Krimpets for over 30 years. Please do not leave me! boohoohoohoo….*sobs*

    I had no idea TastyKake was doing badly. With the crap ppl eat in this country + the overweight rate I thought TKake would be doing great. (Their stuff tastes far better than overly preserved snacky cakes like Hostess for instance).

  40. Kestris says:

    If they sold Tastykakes here, my husband could probably keep them in business.

    Alas, they do not sell them here. Good for my budget, bad for the Tastykake business.

  41. Mamudoon says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! A world without Krimpets is not a world I want to live in. :(

  42. lisbet says:

    I think as a displaced Philadelphian living in Texas, I need to be mail ordering these in solidarity. I need Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes!

  43. Alarmpro says:

    If they were available in Houston I’d buy them. I grew up close to Philly, which seems to be the only geographic area where they’re known. Have they ever considered ADVERTISING and going national? Kroger carried them briefly in Houston years ago but were dropped (because no one knew *what* they were, and how good they are compared to the other crap)

  44. fordprefect says:

    Meh. That’s what they get for being such lousy spellers.

  45. Rhinoguy says:

    Tastykake just doesn’t sell it’s full line of Geek food (empty calories) far enough from home. Food Lion in North Carolina only carries Krimpets and chocolate cupkakes. Last time I went to Maryland, where you can get the whole line, I bought a case of blueberry and french apple pies. Sell them down here dangit! I’ll help save you! French Apple Pie and a Cheerwine? Nom nom nom. Diabetic coma, coming up!

    • HogwartsProfessor says:


      My bf got me hooked on that. I found a place to get them here but it’s 100 miles away. Boo!

      I can only imagine the yummy goodness if I drank one with a TastyKake.

  46. Hanshiro says:

    It’d be healthier flushing that partial hydrogenated crap down the toilet without putting it through your digestive tract first.

  47. TerpBE says:

    I blame their decision to change from the old pie recipe to the newer design that comes in a small aluminum pan and has a crust so thin that it breaks apart as soon as you try to pick it up.

  48. BrownPinoy says:

    Sadly I still live in the Philly area for now I have not purchased and of the products in years as the quality went down the tubes and the prices have went through the roof

  49. spindle789 says:

    Good. Now maybe when I travel from Maine to Florida there will be edible sweet snacks when I am driving through the area. Those things are terrible, the last one I bought I spit out.

  50. soj4life says:

    My sister in law has just started to see them sold in wal marts near nashville. The best way for them to increase profits is to expand on the east coast through stores like wal mart and target. They already are sold in wawa and sheetz.

  51. HogwartsProfessor says:

    We don’t have Tastykake here. It must be a regional thing. We have Little Debbie’s. I would buy some if we had them!

  52. brownh0rnet says:

    Good Riddance. Tasty Kakes always tasted stale and crumbly to me (compared to Hostess and Dolly Madison)

    • Zarile3 says:

      I’m not sure how…Tastykakes are made fresh, and only have a shelf life of around 3 weeks…compared to Little Debbies or whatever, which could sit on the shelves for months before they need to be taken off.