Barnes & Noble Bot: Your Order Is Canceled And You Get No Refund (Updated)

UPDATE: Barnes & Noble refunded Meghan’s money and gave her a $25 gift certificate. The original post follows:

Meghan bought a book at Barnes & Noble’s site, then discovered that not only would she not get her book, which was found to be out of print, but she didn’t get a refund on her order.

She writes:

I think you should add my experience to the Consumerist section “why gift cards suck”. I used a Barnes & Noble gift card to purchase a book from their online store on 12/26/10. The next day, I received an email from Barnes & Noble informing me that the book was now out of print and the order will be canceled so I won’t be charged. However, the purchase amount of $12.94 was deducted from my gift card and the money was never returned. I have called customer service on numerous occasions and they have no idea what happened to the money and could not assist me. Help!

If you’ve had any luck in dealing with Barnes & Noble customer service, how did you accomplish the feat?

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