Doing Extreme Coupons At Walgreens? Check Out At The Beauty Counter

Let’s face it. One of the hardest things about using a lot of coupons is the shame factor. You’re worried that you are going to get the rules wrong, that people in line will get mad at you, that the manager thinks you’re stealing their time, and so forth. But one coupon aficionado recommends that when you’re rocking the extreme coupons at Walgreens,
you can help contain your embarrassment by checking out from the beauty counter instead.

The beauty counter is off to the side of the store so there won’t be as many other customers there behind you, says Stephanie, a high-ranking couponer over at the A Full Cup messageboards. The manager probably isn’t hanging out there either. Both will help you feel less self-conscious so you can get to what really matters, the savings.

“I don’t have to bother anybody,” says Stephanie. “And the beauty people are happy to ring me up because they always need sales.”

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