Don't Be Afraid To Make Financial New Year's Resolutions

Since the year is only a few days old, you haven’t had much of a chance to screw it up just yet, meaning your New Year’s resolutions are probably still valid. You can plan to ditch that dead-end job, drop those 15 pounds, set up that Roth IRA and plan that road trip you’ve never gotten around to taking.

Sure, you’re probably just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment, but isn’t that what life is all about? Financial Samurai pens a pep talk that urges you to go ahead and make some daring resolutions, potential shortcomings be damned.

An excerpt, as the author lists reasons you won’t set ambitious financial goals next year:

* You’re afraid to fail. No goals, no failure! Very simple. Easy to talk about how New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time instead.

* You’re lazy. You don’t want to put your goals out there because once you do, you know that you’ve got to try and accomplish them.

* You’re embarrassed. Who gives a damn what other people think? And if you are embarrassed, just write them down in private. Nobody is going to kidnap your bunny if you fail.

What are your financial New Year’s resolutions?

Don’t Be Afraid To Make New Year’s Resolutions [Financial Samurai]

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