Man Drives Into Pole, Sues Walmart

A man who drove his pickup truck into a pole in the parking lot of a New Hampshire Walmart has sued the retail giant for damages, claiming the placement of the pole is conducive to car crashes.

The man says that, after dropping off a passenger at the front door of the Walmart, he then “drove into a free-standing pole,” causing $2,918 in damage to his 1997 Chevy S10.

From the Portsmouth Herald:

He alleges a store employee told him there were six accidents involving the same pole within five months and that Walmart “failed to reconfigure their parking area” after purchasing the property from a previous owner.

A second store employee told him the lot is “not a normal configured lot,” he also claims.

If what he says about the other accidents is true, does he have a point? Or is he just a bad driver looking for someone to foot the bill for his truck repairs?

Driver hits pole in parking lot, claims Walmart should pay []

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