Vote Now For The Worst Holiday Ad Of 2010

Last week, we asked you to vent your frustrations by nominating the most annoying, repetitive holiday-themed commercials of the year, and we heard you loud and clear.

After sifting through all the comments and e-mails, we were able to whittle down the dozens of headache-inducing ads to the five nominees that received the most hate from the readers of Consumerist.

In no particular order, the nominated ad campaigns (click on the bolded titles to see YouTube videos… if you think you can tolerate them) for 2010 are:
Lexus: December to Remember
For years, Lexus has been wrapping big red bows around its cars in an attempt to position them as the ideal holiday present. This year, they’ve featured pricey stunts like stapling a massive stocking to the front of a house or turning the huge pine tree in the front yard into the Christmas tree… to remind those of us who can barely afford to pay our mortgage just how cool Lexus owners are.

Target: Training for the 2-Day Sale
An Amy Sedaris lookalike screeches and pulls a variety of rubber faces as she gets in shape for Target’s doorbuster sales. It’s actually good advice, because it’s never the fit ones who get trampled when the crowds rush in. Caroling Employees
Do we really care what the people who work at are? And aren’t there any employees at the company who can actually hold a tune? Even if they could, the commercial’s bastardized “Jingle Bells” lyrics are enough to make one hit the mute button.

Hyundai: Hipster Holidays
Speaking of “Jingle Bells,” Hyundai apparently decided that having Jeff “The Dude” Bridges as its spokesman wasn’t cool enough and hired twee YouTube sensations Pomplamoose to record versions of this song and other holiday classics that make you pine for the humble beauty of elevator music.

Best Buy: Kenneth the Elf
Remember that smug jerk in those old Encyclopedia Brittanica ads? Now imagine him as a poorly animated elf who shills for Best Buy and you can clearly see why this ad campaign made it through to the final five nominees.

Voting will close at 5 p.m. ET on Wed. 12/22 and the winning loser will be announced on Thursday morning.

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