Roku Rep Tells Me There Are Secret Limits To Netflix Streaming (Updated)

Update: A Roku spokesman said there is no limitation on Netflix streaming. His statement:

The statements made in the Roku post are incorrect. There is no limitation specific to Roku on what is streamed from the Netflix library. We offer whatever Netflix offers to consumers via Netflix-ready devices and a PC/Mac/iPad/iPhone.

This is more likely a connection error that existed between the Roku player and the Netflix server. I would presume it would clear itself up. Roku players, and other Netflix-ready devices occasionally have these issues.

Here’s the original post:

While Josh was streaming 30 Rock through his Roku via Netflix, he caught a plot twist that was more jarring than the announcement of the Kabletown merger: “Content unavailable,” the screen said.

Josh went online and chatted up a Roku rep we’ll call “Kevin” who said depending on the title, Roku players restrict the amount of content that can be streamed on Netflix. Josh says there’s no mention of the limit online or with his Roku paperwork.

An excerpt from the chat:

Kevin: Just now I inquired. Roku has limited access on certain titles.

Kevin: It may not play titles that can be played on computer through netflix.

Josh: I’m surprised to hear that. I don’t think it was mentioned in the marketing of the product. The image I got was that if I could stream it from my Netflix account, I could stream it on my Roku.

Kevin: I apologize for the inconvenience.

Josh: ok – thanks. But that means you can’t do anything about it?

Kevin: Yes, I apologize for that.

Josh: I just looked. On your website, it says, “Amazing Value. With Roku, you get FREE access to the entire Netflix streaming library if you have a Netflix subscription starting at $7.99/month. Plus, you automatically get the new Netflix experience, featuring browse and search. “

Josh: Note the words “entire Netflix streaming library”.

Kevin: Yes, I understand. Just now I inquired my supervisor. The roku player has limited boundaries.

Kevin: Can I help with anything else?

Josh: I guess not. I’m pretty disappointed that you are not delivering what you promised when I bought my Roku and you continue to promise. Don’t you think Roku should inform future buyers of this limitation?

Kevin: Yes, I will send your feed back to the concern department for consideration.

If you have a Roku, have you gotten similar error messages? I’ve gone 30 Rock crazy on my Xbox 360, and have never suffered such an issue.

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