It's Not Too Late To Give A Consumerist Anti-Gift Card

If you’ve been procrastinating about buying Christmas gifts for the past eleven months, it’s time to fish or cut bait (and, being a cat, I prefer that you fish, thank you very much). And, at this point, you can basically a) brave the insane crowds at the mall, b) spend a few hundred on ultra-super-express shipping, or c) give a Consumerist Anti-Gift Card.

Why give a Consumerist Anti-Gift Card? Well, besides the fact that it’s a stylish and attractive product placement for this site, it also tells the recipient that you care enough to give them what they really want: cash money. Just print your own card using the templates you’ll find here, add crisp currency in the denomination of your choice, and hand it to your giftee.

The templates are designed to be printed out on glossy card stock with rounded corners, so if you’re going to be printing these at home, you’ll probably have to use two sheets of glossy photo paper, glue them back-to-back and then get one of those special scrapbooking scissors to do the corners. Sure, it’s a little work. But it beats waiting in line at the mall or paying a small fortune in shipping fees.

Consumerist Anti-Gift Card Templates (zipped PDFs)


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