Roku Having Trouble Streaming 30 Rock (Updated)

UPDATE: A Roku spokesman says the company has fixed the 30 Rock streaming issue.

A Roku user complained last week that he had trouble streaming 30 Rock. He was told by a customer service rep that Roku restricts the amount of content that an be streamed through the device, a Roku spokesman disputed the viewer’s complaint, saying there is no such limit.

Other viewers are reporting problems viewing 30 Rock on Roku Forums.

A Roku rep told me “We are seeing some issues with two of the four seasons of 30 Rock, as noted by customers on our forums at the link you sent. We have escalated the issue and are working with Netflix to resolve it.”

If you stream Netflix through a Roku box, is 30 Rock — or any other shows or films — giving you trouble?

Roku Forums [Roku]
(Thanks, Josh!)

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