Sears Launches Video Download Service

As we reported back in June, Sears would be launching a video download service sometime around the holidays. Well, the holidays are here and so is the service.

Alphaline Entertainment (catchy name… was “GloboVideoCorp Systems” taken?) is a joint venture between Sears and the folks behind Roxio. And, like other similar services started by Walmart and Best Buy, it appears to be aiming for customers in the market for new releases, allowing customers to download movies the same day they hit retail. The pricing for both rentals ($3.99) and purchases ($19.95) appears to be in line with existing services.

Sears hopes to push Alphaline to consumers by selling TVs, BluRay players and other devices with embedded chips to make using the service easier.

Sears, Kmart launch Alphaline Entertainment movie download service [Engadget]

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