Police Called Over McDonald's French Fry Dispute

People can get particular when it comes to ordering food — no salt, extra pickles, hold the bun. This was a lesson learned the hard way by employees at a McDonald’s in Ohio who felt the wrath of a customer who demanded fresh fries.

According to police in Perkins Township, OH, a customer was less-than-thrilled when a McDonald’s staffer served him fries that had already been put into their sleeve.

The customer demanded fresh fries, the manager told him they were fresh.

The manager says he attempted to refund the customer’s money, but the fresh fry fanatic refused to leave until he was served hot-from-the-fryer taters.

That’s when the police got involved in the fry fracas.

The customer said an employee hit him in the arm with a mop, but a witness says he never saw any actual contact and that the customer called the employee a derogatory name.

In the end, no charges were filed and the customer exited the McDonald’s without the fries or the cash he’d paid for them.

Out of curiosity, who else really wants some fries right now?

Man gets salty over freshness of fries [Sandusky Register]

Thanks to Wayne for the tip!

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