Should Tron Guy Be Allowed To See Tron Movie In Tron Suit?

If you’re not familiar with internet legend Jay “Tron Guy” Maynard, well… that’s him in the picture. And while he’s known around the world for his handmade suit that replicates the look of the original Tron costumes, Tron Guy’s local cinema doesn’t want him wearing the suit inside the theater.

Talking to the TMZ, Tron Guy says he talked to his local theater to give them a heads-up that he’d be wearing the suit when he came to see Tron: Legacy. Unfortunately, he says, the “adamantly” said he wouldn’t be allowed into the building dressed like that.

Tron Guy says that he thinks the theater’s reasoning for the refusal is that it would be “too distracting.”

No one seemed to bother when I showed up in my homemade Matt Damon suit to last night’s showing of True Grit, so I’m all for Tron Guy being allowed in. What do you say?

TRON Guy’s Costume — Banned from Movie Theater [TMZ via AVclub]

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