Lots Of "[BofAExec Name] Sucks" Sites Getting Bought Up

Over at Domain Name Wire they noticed that starting on December 17th, someone has been going around buying up all the various permutations of BankofAmericaExecNameHereSucks.com sites. So sorry folks, you won’t be able to start your new BrianMoynihanBlows.com, BrianMoynihanSucks.com, or BrianTMoynihanBlows.com blog. You were going to use it host your lookbook of clever Lawrence, KS fashions, right?

The company registering the names is Mark Monitor, a company that specializes in protecting companies from online “brandjacking.” Domain Name Wire said they counted over a 100 different domain names registered in this time period. Is someone getting ready for the next WikiLeaks dump, perchance?

Bank of America Wants You to Know Its Executives Don’t Suck [Domain Name Wire]

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