Boxing After Bedtime Is Not A Good Ad Choice For A Kiddie Game Site

What is an inappropriate ad on a site specifically designed for children? Tina was surprised to see this advertisement for the new FX series “Lights Out.” Not only does the ad contain the image of a blood-covered boxer, but the show it advertises is on at 10 PM – well after the target audience’s bedtime.

Tina writes:

Perhaps I am an overreacting mother, but after playing Webkinz (, geared towards ages 8 & under?) with my sweet, darling young children, we all happened upon this lovely ad on the exit screen. Nothing says harmless family fun like a gory bleeding boxer!

Now on the same page, there’s a video ad for Verizon Wireless smartphones. No blood, but still an odd choice for a child’s game. These ads are clearly meant for the parents supervising their kids’ Internet time, but why have ads at all?