Get A Gift From Target? Guard The Receipt Carefully

When giving or receiving gifts from Target, keep careful track of the gift receipt. If you don’t, the store’s policies might cause you to lose some money, then feel some rage. That’s what happened to Chris when he exchanged a set of sheets that were the wrong size. Even though he swapped them for a smaller (and thus cheaper) set, he had to pay Target extra for the privilege.

I recently purchased a house, and my mom purchased me some nice sheets from target as a housewarming gift.

Being that she lives 1000 miles away she had them sent to me; When i received them i saw that they were king size sheets, but i have a queen size bed. Somewhere along in the move i lost the gift receipt page that came along with the sheets, and after moving in i went to target to exchange the sheets for smaller ones.

The customer service lady informed me that the sheets were on sale, and that without a receipt she could not refund me the full amount; I said it wasn’t a problem, because i just wanted to exchange for queen size sheets, which are normally cheaper than king size sheets. I didn’t mind losing the money, my mom wanted me to have some sheets so thats all i cared about. She told me the sheets were on sale for 35 bucks, and refunded both of them to me, informing me that i wouldn’t be allowed to return anything else without a receipt for an entire year. Again, no problem; i just wanted some smaller sheets; I never return things to target anyway. So i take my store credit gift card and goto the back to pickup the very same sheets that are queen size, only to find out that they are actually on sale for 40 dollars, not 35…. I took the sheets up to customer service and told her what i had found, and she said that because i didn’t have a receipt, that the sheets i returned were worth less than normal. In the end, i ended up paying them 10 dollars in order to downgrade my sheets….

The sheets i returned were unopened, and my mother paid over 50 dollars for each set plus delivery. I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it, returning the sheets when they were on sale meant id lose 20 dollars; but as i found out, it really meant i lost 30 dollars.


The “You saved $19.98” note at the bottom is really the most insulting part of this whole transaction.

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