I Canceled Membership, But Gym Keeps Giving My Credit Card A Workout

After placing his membership at LA Fitness on hold while he decided whether or not to cancel it, Jason took the plunge, hopping through the gym’s hoops by filling out a cancellation form. Jason stopped using the credit card that LA Fitness was auto-billing, then checked back several months later to see the gym had continued billing him the $10 frozen account fee.

He writes:

I was a member at LA Fitness for at least a year. I loved it and enjoyed the healthy benefits.

A while back I started getting serious about my spending and my money and cut out extra stuff.

One of the last things to go was my gym membership. I was overweight, but I noticed I was definitely losing it and the gym was helping.

I froze my account for a few months, but one day realized that I should outright cancel it. I followed the procedure and went online. I printed out my cancellation form and mailed it in.
My account was linked to a credit card that I don’t even use anymore. I just logged in to see my balance and make a payment and decided to see my recent activity. And I see LA FITNESS has been charging my card for the past few months. Thankfully it’s not the full amount, but the $10 “frozen account” fee. I’m entitled to at least $30 back, but I also know it is my responsibility to check up on this stuff.

Though convenient, automatic billing has a way of lulling you to sleep, causing the inattentive to pay bills without knowing. It’s a good idea to check out your statements monthly — if not more often online — for unintended charges.

What’s the worst you’ve been burned by an auto-biller?

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