Macy's Won't Let Us Use Coupon

An anonymous reader said she and her sister weren’t able to use a Macy’s coupon they found in a newspaper. The women stood their ground until the check-out clerk cut them a comparable deal.

The tipster writes:

Macy’s (the major department store) prints coupons in our local paper. They’re usually so much off a certain purchase price i.e. 15% total purchase or 25 off 150.
Well, my sister, who’s eight and half months pregnant, decided to go to Macy’s for her children’s Christmas outfits. We had found a 50$ off 200$ coupon in the paper.
The store was already having a 40% off sale for the whole store, so it was a really good deal. We spent about an hour and half picking out clothes for her three kids.
The cashier rings up our order and we give her the coupon to scan. She scans it and goes “Hmm, that’s weird it won’t work”

She seemed kind of knew but she was really nice the whole time. She asked the girl next to her why it wouldn’t work and girl number 2 says its because we have an every day value.
we had no idea what that meant. The lady checking us out said the coupons won’t work on everyday value items and that one of the hats we had picked out was an every day value.
so my pregnant sister goes back to get something else to bring the total to 200. She gave the new item to the clerk to scan and the coupon still wouldn’t work.

The girl next to her, who was a five letter word that rhymes with witch and starts with a b, says it’s because the new item my sister picked out was also an edv. and that there would be signs above the items that were everyday values. so she goes back a second time to get something that is not an everyday value. she finds an outfit for her unborn child, which was ok because the next day she was going to go clothes shopping for the baby anyways.

Again the clerk scans it and again the computer won’t take it. at this point i was really getting annoyed. the girl checking us out didn’t understand why it wouldn’t take it. and the girl next to her says that it’s because it’s an everyday value. my sister made sure not to pick up anything under a sign. i understand that things can get misplaced but when there is a whole rack of items without a sign above it that’s a different story. girl number two then adds that an everyday value is also anything that ends in an eight.

Almost all of Macy’s baby clothes end in an eight. it’s at this point that my two year old niece sits on the floor and proceeds to start screaming done. she was ready to go and so were we. so i go with my pregnant sister to pick out something.

The tipster and her sister found something not listed as an “everyday value,” but the coupon still wouldn’t work on the item. A checkout clerk pulled out a 25 percent coupon of own and scanned it, saving the ladies $53 rather than $50.

Lightly-trained temporary holiday employees can cause confusion at the register, but you’d think a manager could familiarize his employees with coupons printed that day.

What’s the hardest you’ve fought to get a retailer to accept a coupon?

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