Doritos Bag Contains Only Three Chips

Reader D said that he opened up a small bag of Doritos Nacho Cheese chips to find only three chips and one “chiplete” inside.

UPDATE: Doritos: Sorry For Only 3 Chips In Your Bag, Here’s Some Free Coupons

The bag appeared puffed up and full like a normal bag, but upon opening, it turned out to be largely air.

doritos3oz.jpgNearly beside himself with laughter and having both free time and a scale on his hands, he weighed the bag and its contents. It came to .3 oz, far fewer oz than are listed on the side of the bag.

I’m inclined to believe it is real because of the lack of cheese dust lining the bag. Had there been more chips in the bag that he removed, I think there would be a visible powdering of cheese dust on the sides, along with some cheesy crumble bits at the bag’s bottom.

In any event, if you encounter a defective food product like the one pictured above, should document its defects in writing and with photographic evidence. Note any manufacturing codes that may be on the package as well. You can then call the company’s customer service line and they will probably send you some coupons. Hang onto that evidence so you can send it to blogs.

chipsies.jpgIn this case, if you prefer, since the bag came with a Taco Bell meal deal, returning to the franchise and lodging a complaint with the manager or calling the official customer service line might net you some coupons as well.

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