I Don't See How My Wife Ran Up 20GB Of Data Charges In A Month

Tony says his wife got a T-Mobile bill that said she vacuumed up 20 gigabytes of data in a month. He questions whether using that much data on a phone is even possible, and says T-Mobile has been unresponsive.

He writes:

On my wife’s phone she has supposedly used 20GB of data this month. I don’t see this as possible what so ever. I am constantly on my phone moving packets and I only used 300MB. On my home internet connection I use 15GB in a month. How the hell could an android phone use 5GB in a week?!

Anyway, onto my complaint. I have called and talked to 4 people at T-Mobile and they tell me the same thing. Once you are throttled you are throttled. I ran a speed test and she is getting 8Kb/s, the web isn’t even usable. They don’t care to help as to why the phone is doing that, what is causing it and how to fix it. They do not want to open a trouble ticket to see what is actually causing this massive amounts of data. Their nerds should be able to dump the packets when the data usage spikes and at least analyze it or send it to me to for analysis.

The only thing they tell me is, we can’t do anything, wait until your billing cycle repeats. Why? So I can get throttled again and wait another *^&#ing month to use my phone properly?! Remind me why I give you morons $200 a month?!

What’s the most data you’ve ever burned through in a month on your phone? Have you even been billed incorrectly for data usage?

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