Why Is Canon Still Selling Camera They Claim Is Out Of Stock?

Sara has a wonderful husband who is getting her the digital camera and lens kit of her dreams for Christmas. He even ordered it six weeks ago, in order to make sure that it would definitely arrive in time for Christmas. It hasn’t showed up yet because Canon claims that it’s out of stock. Fine….so why does their Web site list the same exact item as “in stock”?

My husband decided in November to get me the DSLR camera I have been salivating over for years for Christmas. On November 11, we ordered the camera, the hope was that we would definitely have the camera for Christmas. After receiving the order confirmation, I heard nothing. On November 29, my husband emailed Canon asking where the order was, he was told at this time that the camera and lens kit I selected was Out of Stock, and they were unsure when they would be able to deliver the camera and lens.

This morning, having heard nothing more about when the camera might be in stock, I went to the Canon website to look at other options. To my surprise the camera and lens kit is still being sold as an “In Stock” item on the Canon website.


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