Strip Club Sign Declares "No Negro's Allowed"

A soon-to-open strip club in Wisconsin has already begun riling up the locals, and not because of the scantily clad women inside. Instead, it’s a sign posted on the club’s door that makes it pretty clear that black people are not welcome.

“If I’ve got a problem with you it’s going to be on the front of my store,” says the open-minded business owner. “I’m going to stick to my guns because I think I have the right as a business owner to reject service to anyone. It’s not all the black people there are just a few bad ones.”

Alas, he’s just a teensy bit wrong about the whole “rejecting service to anyone” thing. It’s a violation of federal and state law for a business that’s open to the public to discriminate based on race.

According to local reports, the owner recently moved the sign inside the club after a city official asked him to remove it.

Strip club owner posts “No Negroes Allowed” sign [NBC Action News]

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