Fedex Carrier: Neither Wind, Nor Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor …Ah, Screw It

Fedex’s choice of a spot to leave Jason’s package has its advantages and disadvantages. In the plus column, if anyone steals it, they will leave important forensic evidence in the form of footprints in the snow. In the minus column, it’s an incredibly stupid place to leave a package, even if the front sidewalk isn’t shoveled.


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  1. benbell says:

    On a roll today…

    No picture as of posting this.

  2. eirrom says:

    Hard to see what the problem is w/o some pictures.

  3. usernameandp says:


  4. jason in boston says:

    Did Phil “borrow” Laura’s account?

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      People always make jokes like this. It baffles me. Why is it impossible to attribute mistakes to any other member of the Consumerist team? Why is it when any mistake occurs, it MUST be through some series of events cause by Phil. Ben can’t make a mistake? Laura can’t make a mistake? Chris, Meg, Roz?

      Please, leave credit where it’s due. And criticism.

    • myCatCracksMeUp says:

      Your anti-Phil comments are annoying.

      Grow up.


  5. fatediesel says:

    I had UPS and FedEx packages left in the snow yesterday rather than walking the extra 10 feet and putting it in my screen door. I wasn’t upset though because both items were shrink-wrapped inside the box.

  6. Cicadymn says:

    No picture? No links?

    I just don’t even anymore

  7. SJ says:

    Just guessing: the package was left somewhere ridiculous? Could also be that the package was left somewhere fine, but Jason is a finicky donkey; guess we’ll never know.

  8. Miss Dev (The Beer Sherpa) says:

    Did they leave it in the ether with this photograph?

  9. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    So is the photo in the post the photo of Jason’s box?

  10. SpendorTheCheap says:

    That lazy-bones should have shovelled his walk.

    • Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

      Perhaps he works during the day, when FedEx does their deliveries?

  11. mikeluisortega says:

    The mail person wont deliver if the sidewalk isn’t shoveled here. So if the photo I see now is right, nothing was shoveled ( looks at least a foot deep) and the choice was made to throw it on customers walkway near the door. Both parties made mistakes.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Who says the OP had a chance to shovel before FedEx came. Given the snow looks calm, it’s not the most likely scenario i’ll grant.

      Also, where does it say FedEx won’t deliver to a snowy sidewalk? Not disbelieving you, but would like to see it in print.

      • Cry Havoc says:

        I think it’s obvious from the picture that FedEx WILL deliver to a snowy sidewalk. The porch beyond that sidewalk is a whole other story. ;)

  12. denros says:

    UPS / Fedex are starting to resemble some of the Care Packages in Call of Duty lately, specifically when you call one in and it lands on you / in some unreachable location.

    • jefeloco says:

      I LOLed, thanks. It almost never fails that I point immediately at my feet yet the marker bounces 76.9 feet across the open gap of the building I’m in, the care package landing neatly on the roof of the adjacent building. I did have one time, just once, on the Hanoi map where I dropped the marker at my feet and it stayed there. A team-mate tried to ninja my care package but it fell on his head and bounced off the map :(

      • sprybuzzard says:

        Both of these comments are awesome as I watch (and listen to) my boyfriend complain about the same stuff with his care packages. Ever see the end of the Family Guy episode where Peter plays CoD? My boyfriend would be the guy yelling at him.

  13. flip says:

    did he order a Fedex Van ?

  14. cpkook02 says:

    It looks like they just tossed it from the van in the general direction of the front door. If it keeps snowing you might not find it until April.

  15. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    Both Fedex and UPS perform this sort of “dumping”. When I lived in Vegas, they would drop packages in plain sight – in the front yard – IN LAS VEGAS! I lost a few packages to theft, and had a delivery of hand made gifts for my newborn opened and strewn around when the thief decided the contents were of no value to them.

    • lolBunny says:

      aww, this is horrible! I’ve had issues like this (not quite as bad as you though) when I lived in apartments. They would leave boxes near the stairs 5 feet away from the front door, leave them in a puddle after rain fell (the top of the box was never we so I knew they put it in the puddle after a rainfall), and even had a package dropped off with a neighbor I didn’t even know. Fortunately the neighbor was nice enough to give the package to me…

      Now I live in a house and the package deliveries we get when aren’t home are always nicely tucked out of site behind a column by the front door. Your story makes me feel so grateful that I have thoughtful people delivering my packages.

  16. Taed says:

    Sadly, Jason’s sister mailed him 8 kittens for Chanukah. Sadly, they all froze to death. Won’t someone think of the kittens! Oh, the felinity!

  17. macoan says:

    Hard to tell by the pictures – but that “package” looks small / light – a strong wind may have blwon it out there – can’t tell if that is a small “drift” around the package, or where it was thrown into the snow.

    Without a better picture…. hard to say

  18. Zelgadis says:

    Didn’t shovel his walk. His fault. He’ll get no sympathy from me. Despite USPS’s unofficial slogan, you’re supposed to shovel your walk for them too. You have one big liability problem on your hands if either the postman or the FedEx person slips and falls.

    • whgt says:

      This. If your friend even slips on your front porch, you can be liable for any injuries. The same goes for postmen, etc. This is the “general liability” portion of your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.

      • Rose says:

        I would absolutely fight that in court, especially if the package was unasked for or the friend was uninvited. I’m not liable because it snowed while I was out of town/at work/handicapped and you decided to walk in a dangerous area. Take the package back, and leave a note in my mailbox, like the sane people do.

      • Wawa says:

        If it’s not safe for the driver, they should attempt redelivery the following day…Just like if the package’s destination were a business that happened to be closed for the day.

        Driver is a royal DB for leaving it in the snowdrift.

      • Wawa says:

        If it’s not safe for the driver, they should attempt redelivery the following day…Just like if the package’s destination were a business that happened to be closed for the day.

        Driver is a royal DB for leaving it in the snowdrift.

  19. stevied says:

    FedEx delivery people are NOT employess (according to the stupid Federal Judge) and as such your complaint is NOT with FedEx.

  20. MosesKabob says:

    This is proof that things land where you throw them. :)

  21. Versonymous says:

    He couldn’t even throw it all the way to the door?!?

  22. Galium says:

    Fed ex the company that could give a rats butt about what you buy on line or for business gets to you or not. They did the same to me. They left my packages on my unprotected steps out in the open, when I have a second set of steps that has a small enclosed porch. I called the main fed ex office to get the local delivery branch telephone number(unlisted), so I could let the driver for my area know not to leave my packages exposed to the weather and theft when I had a place to put them that was safer. They refused to give me the phone number as it was private, i.e. their number. I assume they did not wish to be bothered by the people they deliver to with a pesky phone call. I was also told that Fed ex has the right to leave packages any where they wished to. Unfortunately, most times, I do not have the say in who shippers use when delivering packages to my home. I do know I will never in my life choose them as a carrier, or if an option is available, even at a higher cost, have anything sent through them to me. PS they do not even ring the bell when they drop off items. USPS and Ups rule.

  23. eli says:

    Am I too late to blame the OP?

    Seems like they were doing him a favor by leaving the package at all, when they could just as easily have marked the address as “inaccessible” and tried again the next day.

    • RandomHookup says:

      “Let me do you a favor and deliver your package into the snow. That way you will have your package faster, right? A little snow never hurt a well-packaged electronic component.”

  24. FijianTribe says:


  25. gman863 says:

    FedEx Ground carriers are independant contractors. The ones in Houston are beyond retarded: Twice this year they returned packages to the sender for an insufficent address. Strangely, this is the exact address both UPS and USPS find and deliver to on a daily basis.

    Yelling or e-mailing FedEx over this is like talking to a brick wall; they only say to “contact the sender”. In both cases, I forwarded their response to the sender as ammunition to get a refund from FedEx along with a request to re-ship the item Parcel Post or UPS Ground.

    I trust USPS the most. Missing, stolen or undelivered packages are subject to the wrath of Postal Inspectors and Federal Law. Every few months a story appears about a postal employee getting busted and jailed for dumping or theft of mail. When was the last time anyone heard a story about a UPS or FedEx employee being arrested or jailed over this?
    Unlike the Military, I doubt either UPS or FedEx are going to repeal their “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on employee negligence and theft.

  26. The Marionette says:

    I’ve seen plenty of packages around here get blown around in the wind, even more so in the winter. So as far as I’m concerned they delived it to the door and the wind. “they will leave important forensic evidence in the form of footprints in the snow” it’s a bit ironic that joke is pretty true seeing as there are some partially covered footprints there, indicated someone had walked through (fedex perhaps…………………..).

  27. JWG says:

    Ok, so I’ll own this. My house, my package. Yes, it would have been great if the sidewalk could have been shoveled. Unfortunately, I’m on vacation, left last Friday. On Saturday we got 18 inches of snow. I’m not there to shovel it. We have someone house/dog sitting for us, so the driveway was done – but not his job to do our sidewalk. I’d have been happy had FedEx 1) left the package by the garage door (shoveled) or 2) left a “couldn’t deliver” notice in the mailbox. Not thrown it 25 feet into a snow drift.

  28. TardCore says:

    I find it hard to believe that anybody that values their job would purposely leave a package 8 feet from the door. I’m guessing that the 40+mph winds during the STORM that dumped all of that snow moved it that short distance. A real stretch I know.

  29. thomas_callahan says:

    I had a UPS guy deliver a very thin package the other day, just a slightly padded envelope about the size of a paperback with a gift card in it. He came to the door and rather than leave it in the large wall-mounted mailbox labelled “PACKLAGES HERE PLEASE”, he lifted up a cedar shingle directly next to it and slid it up about 3/4 the way up underneath so only about 3 inches of it was poking out. I happened to be walking past a window nearby that overlooks the door and saw him doing it or who knows if I would have seen it, manilla envelope on relatively new cedar shingles, more or less the same color…

    Before everybody piles on, the mailbox next to the door is labelled “PACKAGES HERE PLEASE” so they know it is not our US mail box which I know they’re not allowed to use — that’s out at the street. For the record, nobody has EVER actually put anything in that mailbox in over two years, I don’t know what the problem is. The gas delivery guy also won’t — we’ve asked him a couple of times to leave the bill in there but he still pokes it into the door frame 18 inches away from the mailbox.

  30. gparlett says:

    Okay, off topic, but isn’t it way past time for the USPS to retire that ‘neither wind, now rain, nor sleet…’ crap? Because it’s absolute crap. The USPS stops mail delivery or closes particular USPS offices due to weather all the time. ALL THE TIME. And they should, because it’s not worth some poor mailman’s life to keep mail delivery up in a blizzard. But once you’ve made that choice you don’t get to post poems about how nothing keeps you from your appointed rounds in your post offices anymore….

    okay, stepping off the soapbox now…

  31. HogwartsProfessor says:

    It really depends on the driver. I’ve used both companies both personally and professionally and had crappy pickups and deliveries with both. FedEx seems to have more problems with Ground, since it’s subcontracted.

  32. FenrirIII says:

    FedEx just left a brand new television that was shipped in its normal package (ie. “FLATSCREEN TV! 26″! DVD PLAYER” plastered all over it) on my doorstep in a highly visible position while the entire porch is fenced in and has plants obscuring most of it. Lazy?