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Mail Carrier Puts My Package In Someone Else’s Rural Mailbox, USPS Calls It ‘Delivered’

H. lives on a rural mail route, and her mailbox is secure, with a lock and a slot just big enough to slide letters through. When a package containing an expensive camera lens went missing recently, she learned that her mail carrier had put the package in the “parcle box.” The what? Oh, the unused but not secure mailbox on her street that some neighbor wrote “parcel box” on a long time ago. H. had no indication that her package had been placed in the box until the mailman left her a note about it. By then, the box had already been stolen. The post office, for its part, insists that the package was delivered as addressed. [More]

Fedex Carrier: Neither Wind, Nor Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor …Ah, Screw It

Fedex Carrier: Neither Wind, Nor Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor …Ah, Screw It

Fedex’s choice of a spot to leave Jason’s package has its advantages and disadvantages. In the plus column, if anyone steals it, they will leave important forensic evidence in the form of footprints in the snow. In the minus column, it’s an incredibly stupid place to leave a package, even if the front sidewalk isn’t shoveled. [More]

UPS Guy Outwits Thieves With Clever Hiding Place

UPS Guy Outwits Thieves With Clever Hiding Place

Sometimes a reader writes in to complain about how the UPS guy left a package in full view of anyone passing by. Not Nick, who was at work yesterday when he saw that UPS had delivered his shipment from from Amazon. Usually the delivery guy hides packages in Nick’s bushes, but this time the notice said, “FD MAT.” Nick writes, “That worried me a bit, as this is a pricey piece of electronic equipment. But my worry was misplaced; the clever UPS man hid this package extremely well.” [More]