Is It OK To Give Flight Attendants Gifts On Christmas?

Anna booked a Christmas flight, and perhaps feeling a little guilty, she wants to show the flight attendants some love by providing some token gifts.

Her idea is to bake them some cookies or something, but she wants the hive mind’s advice on whether or not that’s OK to do.

She writes:

My son and I are flying on Christmas day this year, and I would like to do something nice for the flight attendants that work on our flights.

I’m an avid baker and I was wondering if it would be kosher to bake cookies for the folks working on the plane? I wouldn’t want to put them in an awkward position or anything. So I guess my question is two-fold. 1. Is it acceptable to bring a small gift for the flight attendants? 2. Does that gift need to be prepackaged?

If you know whether or not it’s OK to give flight attendants gifts, please weigh in. I’d steer clear of the baked goods and probably go with gift cards.

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