I Was Stalked By A Crazed Christmas Tree Salesman

How aggressive do you expect someone to be when they’re selling holiday cheer? Matt writes that he expected a strong sales pitch from the nursery where he went to price out Christmas trees, but didn’t expect a pushy sales pitch that would make the average used car salesman blush.

He writes:

I had to share an unbelievable Christmas Tree buying experience [at a large regional nursery.] I’ve done business with them before, so I know their sales model involves commissions and price negotiations, which is fine. I don’t mind that. But one of their sales-people clearly went over the top.

I stopped by one of their seasonal Christmas tree lots, which are scattered all around metro [redacted]. I looked at a few trees, inquired about prices with an employee, thanked him, and proceeded to leave with my 12 year old son. At that point, what can only be described as a sociopath salesmen followed me out of the lot all the way to my truck, the entire time asking me if I wanted a tree, don’t worry we can talk about the price, what’s wrong with my trees, most people who come here want to buy a tree, etc. etc. I answered in the negative pretty politely as I continued to walk away until I couldn’t take it any more and then turned around and told him face-to-face to stop following me and I don’t want a tree! I asked him if he was selling trees or used cars and did he seriously expect that I would buy a tree from him at this point (and yes, I was yelling at this point). He did not back down and stayed in my face until I finally had to turn around and get in my vehicle before it escalated even further, at that point he loudly yelled at me in the parking lot “Merry Christmas and thanks for all the Christmas cheer!”

I was so incensed at that point, that I turned around and headed back until the slightly more sensible inner-me took control and made me drive away before it escalated any further. Needless to say, I opted to buy my tree elsewhere and I’ll be having a discussion with their corporate office and am done shopping there. I’ve had used car salesmen follow me out to my car before who were far less aggressive.

Evidently, this tactic must work, but we’ll be curious to hear what the company higher-ups have to say to Eric about this salesman’s stalkerriffic behavior.

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